Data Security Policy

The purpose of this Data Security Policy is to ensure that the Data Security Rights of users, as stipulated by the applicable laws (especially the German Data Security Law "BDSG" and the German Tele Media Law "TMG"), will not be violated by the utilization of the user’s data.

Contact address of the "Responsible Contact Point"

Responsible Contact Point in terms of the Data Protection Law

firstwire GmbH
Mr. Johannes Haidl
Carlswerkstr. 13d

51063 Cologne

1. What does Data Security mean?

Data Security implies that the collection, processing and use of personal data is in general prohibited, unless the person in question agrees hereto. Subject to such protection are i.e. telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, IP addresses created by web browsing or the residential address of users. Opposite hereto are "anonymous data", which keep their owner unknown or hinder his personal determination. Such data are not subject to the Federal Data Protection Law. They can be used without the prior consent of the person in question.

2. Which data will be collected and how will they be used?


We collect, process and use your personal data in accordance with the German Data Protection Law only.

firstwire GmbH ("firstwire") will treat your personal data as confidential.

Use of Webpage

You can access the webpage at any time without registration or application.

During your access to the webpage our servers collect general technical information for the purpose of maintenance, such as:

browser type, monitor size and applied software, the IP-address of your device, which webpages have been visited on as well as the time and duration of your visit.

Registration for Demo-Version and Live-Version

The use of Demo- and Live-Version (Protected Area) requires a prior registration.

Data which have been created by the registration process as well as the entry of the Protected Area will be recorded. This comprises:

Name of users, e-mail address of users, telephone number of users, name of opened files, date and time of opening, quantity of data transfer, notice of successful data transfer, web-browser and requesting domain. In addition, the IP addresses of requesting devices will be recorded. 

Personal data will only be transferred to third parties by us, if such was required for the purposes of contract execution, billing or if the user has agreed hereto in advance.

The acceptance of personal data use can be withdrawn at any time at the contact point displayed in the imprint of In addition, the user can request information about his saved data and demand its correction, restriction or deletion.

3. Cookies

Our website uses Cookies. A Cookie is a text file, which is remitted for temporary storage on the user’s hard-drive while browsing a website. Once the user revisits the relevant server of our website the browser will resend the Cookie back to the server. The server can exploit the information generated by such process in various ways. Cookies can e.g. be used to display advertise banners or help the navigation on the website. In case the user wants to prevent the use of cookies, he can do so by change of settings of the web-browser applied on his device, e.g. the program used for opening of webpages (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari). 

4. Olark

The user can enter the Olark chat tool Olark by Habla, Inc. 245 Ramona St. Palo Alto, CA 94301. In relation to firstwire Olark is a third party supplier. 

The tool allows the user to chat with team members of firstwire and to receive answers on questions.

When using Olark personal data will be collected by firstwire. This includes the name and e-mail address of users including related information such as browser type, monitor size and applied software, IP address of used device, which websites have been opened at as well as time and duration of visit.

Such data will be transferred to Olark by use of the chat tool, collected, processed and used by Olark. Relevant details referring to the treatment of your personal data by Olark and to your related personal rights are summarized in the Data Security Policy of Olark.

The use of the chat tool is no pre-condition for the use of the website or the Protected Area.

5. Data Erasure

The erasure of stored personal data is effected upon withdrawal of the user's acceptance for storage, if your acknowledgement of the purpose of storage has become redundant or if the storage has become illegal. Data used for billing and accounting purposes are not be affected by a request for erasure.

6. Security of Data

firstwire ensures the data security in accordance with the applicable legal and contractual requirements. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, we would like to point out that such content and information provided through the internet voluntarily can generally be utilized by third parties. Therefore, firstwire can not be held liable for the release on information caused by data transfer errors and/or non-authorised access by third parties (strict liability).

7. Change of Data Security Policy

firstwire reserves the right to change this Data Security Policy in accordance with the applicable data protection law. In case such change requires a further acceptance by the user, the latter will be requested to do so prior to his next visit of the Protected Area.